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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey is that a Silver Flattie?

 Silver and Blue Weimaraner
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They also come in a Blue variant BTW and no they are not Flatties.  But, they certainly can act like them.  These are Long Hair Weimaraner, which do have a flat coat and and mannerisms similar to the Flat Coated Retriever.  Its also a theory that the long haired gene introduces a docile trait for the temperament in this breed, which has been our experience as well as documented on other UK sites that confirm the temperament on this variant of the Weimaraner is comparable to the Flat Coat Retriever.  They go as far as to describe the look of the dog as similar to A Flattie. From our firsthand experience they certainly do calm down in the home and turn on the energy when we run them out in the pastures or several times daily in their indoor arena.  They are typically the same proportions as the Flatties and actually come in colors that are the diluted compliment of the FCR.  Since the Silver variant is actually a diluted Liver color and the Blue Variant is actually a diluted Black color.

We took an interest in the Long Hair Weimaraner because we were researching on further improving through outcrossing, the genetics for our hybrid formula.  And since the creation of FCR developed essentially as a sort of "Heinz 57" formulation from many other breeds of dogs it was not far from the base formulation used in the beginning.  Pointers were a part of the mix to create Flatties from the very beginning of the breed development.  And Pointers have been used recently as a way to correct the shortcomings in another breed of dog that we admire.  The Dalmatian.  The addition of The Shorthaired Pointer into the outcross for the LUA Dalmation was done to correct a health problem in Dalmatians that was painful and ultimately killing them.  That was almost over 2 decades of outcrossing and backcrossing to develop a dog that looked, and acted just like any other Dalmatian, except they weren't Dying from the same bladder disorder that was killing the original breeding stock.  In fact the only way to tell them apart today is from a very scrutinizing DNA test that will show the dog being tested is 99.999+ % Dalamtion.  By all means this is now basically a purebred Dalmation.

So you want to be a Breeder?

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Well, look at this link.... and absorb it.  Take note of the work involved.  The research required. Then consider it again.

There's so much to consider when you decide on breeding

I have a neighbor who is so stuck on wanting to breed his yellow Labrador bitch because he just thinks its something a dog needs to do because every dog needs to.  HMMMM????  I've spoken to him on several occasions and really try to see his perspective, but just don't get it.  So, I ask him what good reason is there for breeding your gal, because I really don't see a need for adding yet another litter of Labradors into the world when there are so many already?  I get a lot of well, I got some friends that want to have one of her pups or well she's such a good dog I want to see her have puppies.  Ummmm , Okay? What good does her having puppies do for the breed?  Then I often get that blank stare before he hits me with, well, you're doing it, why can't I?  When I explain what our goals are, I always get to a point in the conversation when the talk about the money comes up.  Wow, you guys must be making a killing.  Your dogs sell for how much?  Wow, if I were you I'd breed my dogs all the time.  And there you have it, for him and most others like him its about breeding his bitch because he can and the ultimate return he sees on all the pups that will net him a nice chunk of change.  How far off from the truth this is doesn't compute for him.  The dollar signs have blinded him of what our true goals are.

Well, dear neighbor, for one thing, I don't breed for the sake of wanting to get a DAM
Hybrids when created from healthy
parents have a genetic advantage
to experience having a litter before her life is over.
  A Dam really doesn't give a crap about that, you do.  We, plan our litters and map out the future for the breed we love so much and make as best as possible every effort to make sure we don't contribute to an already existing problem.  So, if you wish to become a breeder then you really need to become an expert on your chosen breed.  To the point where you can defend your endeavors when challenged by others who have their own very strong ideologies about their own dogs.  Most breeders we've encountered tend to think they are producing a unique product rather than just another litter of a chosen breed.  And that's where we contend they are wrong.  Because for us its not about disparaging them, its more about doing the right thing for the breed as a whole.  And trying to address a larger problem one litter at a time. And regardless of what others are doing, we continue to march to the beat of our drum and eventually will find others who like the sound it makes and will not only listen to it, but start beating that drum with us.