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Puppy Inquiry Form

An appointment to visit our ranch and see the dogs in action requires a $100 Deposit which will also place you on the waiting list for a puppy.    A week 4 payment is required of existing qualified clients that already submitted an initial deposit and have already met their new puppy.  Please email us at for where to send a payment.

  • Visits are by appointment on weekends only once a deposit is given.
  • We DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES, so plan on traveling to visit us.
  • Clients scheduling to meet the parent dogs is recommended.
  • Meeting 4 weeks prior to scheduled pickup date is required.  
  • Upon visit If you do not meet our qualifications we will promptly refund your deposit 
  • The order in which you have visited our ranch will be the order you pick your puppy,  1st to visit is first to pick and so on.
So keep in mind the entire process is a qualifying interview, this goes both ways as we expect that you ask questions of us and expect us to review how you interact with the dogs as a part of it. 


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