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Friday, March 22, 2013

Common goals derived from differing ideologies

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• We never question the resolve of another breeder to do things in the best interest of their dogs.  It seems many are constantly explaining their position and stance, about their ideologies and beliefs, to us when there is no need to.  If we're challenged we simply point out in our conversation where things were said that were unfounded and uncalled for.  We might make assumptions based upon that conversation, but in the end what we offer is to listen and possibly absorb some of the good from any conversation and maybe make some of it our own or walk away knowing the other side of a conversation may make some of what we do their own.  

We owe it to our friends to improve their outlook
• Both parties can only come away thinking about the mission statement on the other side of the conversation and weigh where it might have some common ground.  And very often there is so much in common its just uncanny.  You just can't realize how similar much of the goals are among other breeders with a passion for improving the outlook of their dogs until they decide to actually talk to one another, instead of standing behind the facade of a fan-page or website and feeding the flames of an argument to their audience.  Which BTW... we never do.  We only share our experiences here.  Which for some reason really gets under the skin of some other breeders like we somehow named them.  But, we don't do that and clearly if they feel compelled to engage us then somewhere along the lines of our sharing our experience they might feel much of what we are touching upon has a focus on what they do.   Well, if that's the case then its not like we bashed them, but they do seem to identify with what we presented as being directed at them.  HMMMM???

**Some things we believe are just addressing common problems from a different angle.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The tired old Mantra of the Old School Breeder

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Yup, I now have the luxury of being able to challenge their Mantra by touting my own numbers in this game we call breeding.  And Chatham Hill Dogs may be going down a road that has never been taken before in doing the things we ultimately decide upon for the better interest of our dogs and our clients.  But, we also have the advice of Medical professionals who can compare the outcomes presented by the old school and dated Veterinary information around for decades, we also have Veterinary professionals offering guidance and advice based on MODERN veterinary practice that happens to compliment the same practices in MODERN human medical practice.  In fact we have the pat on the back from Geneticists and Biologists that concur that our approach is far more beneficial in the quest to provide a healthier longer living dog than the tired old practices performed by the MAJORITY of dog breeders you will encounter in the world today.

FCR Pups with a VERY low COI
For those dog breeders its a matter of performing all sorts of physical exams in a quest to say that since my dogs were tested for this Physical test or that one then they are somehow superior to the rest of the dogs out there.  When in fact they fail to reveal to their clientele that NO MATTER HOW MANY PHYSICAL TESTS THEY CAN CLAIM THEIR DOGS PASSED, they can in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM GUARANTEE  THAT THE OFFSPRING OF THEIR TESTED DOGS WILL NOT PRESENT WITH THE NEGATIVE TRAITS THE PARENTS WERE TESTED FOR AND PASSED.   NIETHER CAN THEY CLAIM THAT THE DOGS THAT PASSED THESE TESTS TODAY WON'T GET THE PROBLEMS THEY WERE JUST TESTED FOR IN A YEAR OR TWO DOWN THE ROAD.  In fact if we look towards modern human medical practice.  Most doctors would find the testing for these physical disorders as a way to determine whether the children of two potential parents would in fact be free and clear of the same physical disorders if their parents passed...  Laughable.  YES.  I said laughable.  And any breeder that touts these tests as the thing that sets their produced specimens above the rest is in fact relying on numbers so far from the truth that if they actually didn't religiously believe in the Mantra they were preaching then it should be a crime.  But, in the end their way of thinking has been ingrained into them from decades and even centuries of tradition and practice that somehow became the status quo for what needs to be done to determine if their dog is somehow superior to the rest.  A simple test that says to the potential dog took this test and passed and therefore my puppies are far more valuable than the rest. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Impulsive Buyer vs The Educated Consumer

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We get a lot of questions from some very passionate people that love dogs.  Most of the questions are in a form that takes aim at us without really understanding anything about us.  Yes, the sort of well... I'm not trying to start an argument but I just wanna say... kinda questions, AKA "The loaded question".  Fueled by any given individual's personal ASSumptions that we're just another puppy mill or backyard type breeder just looking to make a profit and not really concerned about the welfare of our dogs.  The most popular question seems to be.... Why are you breeding?  Their thinking being that with so many dogs in the world lost into the over burdened shelter systems and being killed everyday why contribute to a growing problem?  THE CHATHAM HILL GANG COMPLETELY AGREES.  In fact one of the reasons we breed is to focus on an educated consumer and practice a screening process that will vet the interested parties with a screening to satisfy our desire to find the right home for our pups.

Silver LongHair Weimaraner Puppy
Our goal is in part to avoid our dogs going into a shelter system in the first place. We also aren't going to sit around and wait for our puppies to become full grown dogs waiting for an interested person to just happen to come across a tiny ad in the local newspaper, although we do put ads in them... sometimes.  We live in times where the power of the Internet and social media platforms helps to spread the news about our puppies and allows us to keep a connection with people who already own our pups and people who are interested in a puppy like ours or people interested in what we're all about.  So we use these modern mediums to market our pups.  And there is nothing wrong with marketing something you have that others might want.  So, marketing our puppies is sort of like walking on thin ice, because its just not the sort of thing the established old school breeding philosophies ever employ.  AND OF COURSE we're not a pet store catering to the impulsiveness of human nature.