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Friday, March 2, 2012

Old school breeders believe they are so righteous when they really just suck

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The status quo of the inner circles of the dog world does a bunch of funny things, even devious, sometimes just hateful and I guess in choosing their quirky way of doing things that seem very entrenched within matters of old traditions and long practiced ritualistic behavior they feel is just the only way.  In fact they believe their way is the absolute best way because whatever idealistic fantasies of reasoning they are brainwashed into has become their religious calling on behalf of their dogs and they pass these practices off to the next person they feel worthy of their mentorship and maintaining their precious lineages.  So when newbies like my family come into the equation it tends to rock their boat and if in doing so we’ve discovered a success story unlike anything the status quo has ever experienced, suddenly we’re their target for tall tales of wrong doing and exploitive practices.  

It’s sad really, because in a real life conversation with the brainwashed segment of the dog fancy outside of their normal surroundings, they’re all likely intelligent and rational people.  So its just so odd and rather amusing to experience them when they are in their element or actually on another of their intelligence gathering hate fueled missions hell bent to conjure up so many fun filled facts from their own fantasy world to explain things happening with dogs living a sweet life on a ranch far far away from them being raised by a family with two loving parents of 5 really cool kids who all enjoy and love their dogs.  You’d think they’d actually want to help such a family instead of always trying to disparage them.  Hmmmm. Let’s just call it them being jealous.  Perhaps they’ll go away.

The funny thing is, if these same people paid more attention to how they were doing things and shook themselves out of their own dream bubble they might actually learn something about themselves and not like what they see.  They covet their precious dogs, yet from my own experience with people rather high up in the bureaucracy of the breed clubs they really have no idea who is buying their dogs, or for that matter don’t really seem to care enough to dig just a little deeper to verify just who is the person on the other end of that purchase.  So, my perspective on this common practice is these breeders paint a picture of their intent to take good care in where their dogs go, yet when it comes down to it, they really only care about the money they receive for their effort to watch two dogs screw and the momma raise the puppies.  So long as they receive their funds for the dogs they decided they weren’t going to keep for future attempts of winning them a championship in a show ring or in the field trials.  For the “cast off” dogs… they actually care very little, so long as they can say… “the dog must be altered and the registration must be limited”.  Amounting … Basically to their attempt at control over something the public is purchasing from them.  Well, with such limitations in place, who really is the owner of that dog? 

You may take it home and care for it, assume responsibility for the health and well being, but who really owns it?  Well, the AKC tends to acknowledge the owner of the litter and the Dam as the real owner of your puppy unless it was sold to you with the full registration intact with a full transfer of ownership.  With limited registration in effect, the AKC will always defer to the listed owner of the Dam and the Litter.  So if you are purchasing a dog expecting to actually own it…buyers beware.  Most breeders will have little clauses that will in fact say that they can repossess your dog if they feel you haven’t done things according to the letter of what they wanted from you for the right to possess one of their dogs.  Notice I DID NOT say they sold you the ownership of any puppies they’ve produced.  Because when you really examine the end result… you really aren’t the owner. 

Being the na├»ve buyer, once ourselves … my family sort of just got pissed about the whole concept.  And well, we don’t do this to our buyers.  Our buyers are given the right to choose to spay or neuter, we don’t force it down their throat.  When the AKC and the breed clubs reform to the point where they actually understand the true concept of ownership maybe it will also allow for a much more diverse genetic deck to deal from.  We believe that owning a dog really means you own it.  Even if you never breed that animal, it should still be your choice.  Even if you do wish to spay or neuter… it should be your choice.

In fact purchasing one of our pups becomes a really fun experience.  You are provided so much detail in the process from pairing, mating, pregnancy, birth and whelping that really…. Most people feel all the emotional ups and downs right there with us.  Even if you’re from several states away, or living in another country.   Every milestone is there and documented for you.  You can call us anytime, email us, catch us on Facebook.  And when the pups are born you can watch them on YouTube and real-time on the live webcam.  You are explained what a limited registration is.  And given the choice to then register your dog as such with the AKC.  And as a pet companion, that’s usually where it ends.  Since the registration process doesn’t do much else but give you a number.

But, what it affords us as your breeder… is the ability to say “hey if in a few years you feel an interest in helping us and you did decide not to alter your dog”, Then we can map out and see how it fits in the grand scheme of things without trying to over saturate the gene pool with more of the same.  Lets call it a backup for the eyes of the AKC and diversity for the breed.  If we enforced a spay neuter… then those options are shut out entirely.  And…That would be old school.

However, as one of our puppy owners, before you even get to the above, you actually have to pass our process for screening.  We look you up.  Yup, we actually research who you are, we want to know what you do for a living, who you live with, how many kids, previous pets, and we verify physical addresses, phone numbers and we will be calling your previous veterinarian.  We prefer to meet you in person at least once and allow our whole family to weigh in on whether you are prepared to take on owning and caring for a puppy.  We will maintain communication with all of our puppy buyers.  We encourage visits to us with their growing pup over its years and we welcome back all our pups if they can’t care for it anymore for any reason.  In fact, the main sticking point in our contract is… if you can no longer care for your puppy for any reason… we must get it back, and we decide on where to rehome it, not you or we just adopt it and care for it as an addition to our pack until you are ready to get your dog back.

We pull no punches and hold nothing back…. In fact we’re an open book and ready to speak to anyone who has any questions.  So we find it so amusing when the Dog fancy mafia tries to conjure up dirt on us.  And they do so by looking at our AKC records to see how many dogs we’ve registered.  Hmmm?  Well, the figures they get never fall in line with how they know things in their own world, Because you remember how I explained a few paragraphs prior that the average buyer of a pure bred dog from those hoity-toity elitists from the pure bred world never really own their dog.  That’s because the owner of the litter and the Dam “AKA the Breeder” typically registers the pups beforehand with their kennel name.  Then provide the buyer “you” the papers to transfer ownership of that already named dog to you.  You then give your dog whatever “call name” you like, so long as the registered name is what they have on record reflecting their kennel and thus branding their dog as their progeny.

 Okay, I see how that adds a level of control over the people in possession of their puppies.  So when we sell our puppies and provide the buyer with the full papers to do the registration themselves, allowing them to choose the name on record , it seems to throw a wrench in the wheel of discovery on the part of those breeder veterans out there.  Wondering why we wouldn’t register the whole litter.  Well, why would we?  Its really a choice for the buyer whether they want to participate in the closed registry of the AKC.    And most would rather save their money instead of going through the effort to register a limited registration dog with the AKC. 

Okay in all fairness.. there are times when even we would consider pre-registering an entire litter.  Like when we feel enough of a line of our dogs has been saturated in a given demographic.  Then it might make sense to limit things in order to prevent the effects of same Sire or even same Dam syndrome. But we're still not about to tell anyone you have to spay and neuter your dog.  Or it has to be championed first.  Or you need to do X+Y+Z and meet conditions 1+2+3 then sign over the rights to your dogs under this or that circumstance.  What a big crock of hot messy crap that is.  

The AKC registration is really a wasted effort for anyone who just wants a family companion.  So whatever revenue the AKC could earn from these additional registrations is usually lost.  And well, until the AKC can really provide anything tangible beyond just a paper… is it really worth sending them $50 bucks?  Recently the AKC has provided 3 months of free pet health insurance, but for this perk you can go through many regular insurance companies now and get better coverage for less.  And for 3 months?  How many people actually get around to using it?  If the paper was in fact a guarantee that my dog is going to live longer than the average dog and cost me less in healthcare over the life of my dog, Then maybe?  Or how about actually acknowledging the owner as the person submitting that registration who in fact paid for that dog?  If the AKC status actually meant I got a better dog, then that’s something to rave about.  But mostly it tells the world who bred the dog and who has the real ownership of it in the eyes of the AKC.  At least my mortgage and car note have a bank behind it.  But if you outright paid for your dog…really now… it should just be yours.

But in reality, all this AKC paper does is contribute another dog into a closed registry.  Adding to the growing number of related dogs already in that system.  And by being closed it shuts the door to adding in any lines from dogs that were never registered, or put in the system as limited registration, thus effectively removing its potential contribution to the gene pool.   Even if your limited registration dog is bred and has puppies… the AKC will no longer acknowledge those puppies.  And it will then reveal who the real owner of your dog is in the eyes of the AKC, since if you do want to register that litter or flip the registration of the sire or dam to full status….guess who you’ll need to ask to allow that to happen.  Yup, the breeder.  Welcome to the world of what you pay for is not yours.  But, why let that stop you?  It shouldn’t.  

Registration is a formality, not a requirement.  And as the majority of the educated public has already discovered…. The difference that piece of AKC paper offers is really ….. nothing beneficial for the health and well being of the papered dog Vs a dog without those papers.   In fact if the pool of available dogs outside of the closed registry offers more choices and a wider diversity of genetics than the ones within the closed registry… I’m willing to bet any of those old school breeders… the dogs outside of their control offer far better genetic diversity than their own specific lines.  Will their panties wad up and bunch in their ass cracks when they read this? Yuuuup.  Will I enjoy the results of that fallout as they try to dig up more dirt and confirm more fantasy about my family and our dogs? You can bet on it. 

Most of them don’t really know the number of dogs we really have.  None of them know if I have any of their dogs.  Since their own screening process sucks so bad.  Hmmmm.  And well… Do I really need their permission to do what I want with my dogs.   I certainly don’t tell them what they should do with their own dogs, yet they make a lot of effort to tell me what to do.   I’m so glad I never asked any of the doggie Mafioso for help.  We do have pleasant memories from the experience with the breeders of several of our dogs.  And then there are the breeders whom we have nothing really encouraging to say anything about….    Except that they’ve been doing things their way for a very very very long time and feel they are the final authority for their breed of choice.  Uhhh yeah okay, let me know how that’s working for you guys?

They’ve been quick to point out dogs in our lineages who’ve had siblings or uncles, aunts, grandparents and parents that have died young from this or that or had some ailment that should raise an eyebrow of concern.  When in fact these dogs they make such an effort to disparage are the very same dogs and lineages they created for you and me in the first place.   So I say okay lets see what problems you’ve had in your lines and see if we can’t shuffle that deck you’ve been dealing for all your years and throw in a few new cards to make things more interesting.  I’m playing differently from the same deck they still use.  I’m shuffling things in from other decks and then saying… see me in a few years and we’ll compare notes.  How about looking at all the dogs related to mine that went on to live for 12, 13, 14 ,15 and yes… even 16 years against all odds and absolutely smashing the given averages.  Or is it just that focusing on only the negatives will bolster their arguments?

So for those doggie Mafioso who say… hmmm well where are all your older dogs?  Well, we don’t have any on our premises.  We’re the new players remember?  So technically the older dogs from our lines are the ones these stone throwers kept for themselves and that died on them knowing all the problems they keep pointing out and yet still used them to breed with anyway.  And thus gave us our dogs.  So what’s the difference?  Hmmm.  Well we don’t use any particular single stud… we have planned our pack to allow for choices.  We also have choices for dams and we have sources for adding more dogs from different lineages from overseas, even domestic. We also have the accommodations to allow our dogs to retire in peace right here with us if we choose.  And we’re so in tune with our dogs that when they have an “off “day we take notice and are on top of any problems before they become a potential life and death struggle. 

How many dogs would survive Gastric torsion if their owners just actually cared for their dog?  Instead of locking doggie away while they went about their day playing wannabee pretend hunter or the glorious show dog owner and checked in on it hours later, possibly even after its been long dead?  Hmmm.  There goes my filling in the blanks for the behavior of those stone throwers.  Perhaps it’s not fair to say these things without really knowing them?  But if it works for them, then I guess it can work for me too.  If they really cared about their dogs then they would change the way they do things drastically from just going ahead and breeding from the same stock they’ve been using for generations.  So I ask them… how’d that work out for ya?  Because the problems we’re dealing with today, were created by these old school minded breeders from their years of vast experience.  And again ….where’d that get ya?   

Maybe they should sell me a few of their old fart dogs so I can be legitimate in their eyes?  Or perhaps explain how their old dogs screw better than my younger ones?  Or explain to me how a mature male dog between 10 and 12 Months has different sperm from the same dog at 24 months?  All formalities aside if they want to wait 24 months for a stud before breeding it, go ahead.   I’m sure any problems found anyway in the puppies that dog fathered at 24 months old were avoided if they had him stud at 11 months  since its genes somehow magically changed in a year of waiting?  So if they choose to keep a sexually mature male waiting longer before it knocks one out….okay.  If I allowed my bitch to decide who will mount her and she chooses the young stud that’s cool, too. I’ll let ya know how that decision went, too…. Because several years later all those puppies are still alive, still thriving and haven’t blown a hip, a knee or flipped their stomach or gone blind or been diagnosed with some necrotic form of cancer.  My understanding through the grape vine …. The dogs from many of these stone throwers have been afflicted with these problems.  Let me pause while I chuckle at their failures.  Okay now let me pause as I feel sorrow for their progeny that have suffered, are suffering or passed away before their time. 

My Family decided to do things marching to the beat of a different drum.  One that sounds a lot nicer and looks a lot better than what they’ve presented to the world thus far.  But, its my decision, just like its their decision to keep breeding from the same lines they have knowing all the crap they know.  At least my efforts are an honest attempt to fix what they’ve left me to work with.  If they were genuinely eager to help the breed as a whole then I would expect like any rational human being would … that they would line up to say … lets try some dogs from this line and some from that line and actually help.  Instead, I have to align myself with other breeders who are fed up with the status quo and their results.  And make decisions to really shuffle our deck while the status quo is still throwing stones. 

According to those Mafioso stone throwers many of their dogs have been diagnosed with many of the health issues they’ve thrown my way as things to be concerned about.   Well that’s too bad. Maybe they should review how they do things and shuffle their deck, too.  Then come back and compare notes.   And I’m so flattered by their concern for my dogs and possible future health issues.  At least on some level they share my concerns.  It seems they cared too little about their own dogs to make a difference in time.  And obviously all their efforts to contribute their findings to the OFA and CERF has gotten them here?  It seems the dogs are no better off now then they were before the tests were being done.  And now whatever effort I make outside their matters of tradition is scrutinized based off of their ahem…proven practices.  Hold on while I laugh out loud.   ;-)

We also don’t give a rats ass about those champion status bragging rights these old school breeders covet so much.  In fact, I asked each of my dogs “hey do you really want to go get that trophy for being the word for word description of your breed standard or for actually going out and retrieving in a competition while I pretend to be a hunter?”  All I got was a blank stare from every single one of them.  So I guess they really don’t give a rats ass either.  But, When I ask “hey boy” or “hey girl”,  “do you wanna go play fetch?”  They suddenly perk up and jump towards the gate or door to go for their run on the farm and play flyball.  And they don’t require a trophy from me to prove they are the best damn dog in the world. 



  1. Yep could not agree with you more.

  2. Love your new site.

  3. I totally agree. I am tempted to get a dog from you sometime in the future, since your ideals line up with mine quite nicely. That is rare with dog breeders these days.

  4. Ehh. Losech... I'm not a money grubber. I actually have a career and we do this as a love and a hobby. So you're likely to get a nice free dog of your choice from me. I already offered one to Scottie.

  5. Wow, you should send this to Fox News. It would be a perfect fit.

    1. Depends on who's perspective ... It could also sit well on Nightline NBC

  6. Your anger and bitterness is a bit scary, Honestly, it got in the way of what you were trying to say, You sound like one Really Pissed Off Person. :(

    1. Its been pointed out that the people who take offense and might think they are the target of this post are the only ones who would see it as bitter. As I've been told by others who see it as very straight forward and informative. Keeping in mind that our experiences with the Dog Fancy are specific to our chosen breeds....

      FCR, Cockers, Weimaraners, and our Hybrid. (just to name the breeds we have on our site. So we don't have much experience outside of that with any other breed club or circle of breeders. We're pretty much focused on FCR and Weimaraners for the moment... And our experience with the Weimaraners has been absolutely phenomenal.

      These are a very open and fun bunch of people who are really keen to open registries and breed diversity to help their chosen breed and they admittedly confess to mistakes made in the past with regards to close line breeding, but their admission is the first step towards making a change. On the FCR front its a mixed bag. I'd have to say that we do work with some FCR breeders who are very modern in their thinking and not closed minded, they are aware of the issues with genetic depletion and low diversity in the FCR and are making an effort to do something rather than remain on course with the old ways of doing things. They've taken as many hits as we have and well, they're fed up as well.

      Cockers...What can I say.... they're not as popular in pet stores as they once were and this likely a good thing. But they also are very common from the home based breeder. Just like A labrador is basically a dime a dozen. So we don't focus on breeding them but do use them for the F1 crosses. As far as the breeders for the dogs we have and have retired. They were all very pleasant and cordial, but not very much into learning about their clientele like we are.

      So before you see anything a bitter... check your attitude at the door, because if you come into this looking for a fight you're mistaken. If you want a bit of our experiences being shared with respect to how we've been treated, lied to and basically bullied in the world of dogs we deal with, then read on. And in reading we're sure you'll find a lot of the good experiences rolled in there as well.

  7. I agree with Anonymous. Even if you have valid points, your presentation is so angry! I'd be afraid to have a conversation with you!
    I have had mixed breeds, but I've also had 6 show dogs of 4 different breeds and have remained friends with all the breeders I have dealt with. Without exception they have been honest, up front and extremely helpful and supportive. They are not monsters in it for a buck. As a matter of fact, I doubt they made many bucks at all on their breedings!
    All my dogs have been fully owned, no limited registration, no co-ownership. All the breeders required lots of information from me before I bought one of their dogs. All of them followed up for the life of the dog. All the dogs lived to at least 11 yrs.
    In 27 years of owning AKC dogs, NONE of the breeders I have dealt with were money-grubbing, thoughtless, ignorant people who didn't care about the health of their dogs. Quite the opposite in fact.
    It would be good for your message to acknowledge that there are plenty of really good breeders out there who care mightily about the welfare of their dogs.

  8. Well, there is mention we've have good experiences with some and not so good with others.

    We have lots of respect for the breeders we've had pleasant experiences with, we also maintain communication with them ongoing. And we use a lot of their advice for laying out the template for how we do things. But...
    We also discovered early on, its really different how the established "clicks" are between different breeds.

    Some followers of certain breeds are very honest outgoing and awesome to work with.
    Then there are the ones that don't fit that description at all. You take the good with the bad. In the end they all make a profit from their dogs. Some more than depends on the yield from their dogs. its not like a chiuahua has litters as large as a Labrador, but then again those Chihuahua pups based on the demands and trends usually cost 4 times more than the Labrador pups. So a litter of 3 or 4 Chihuahuas can have the same potential margins as a litter of 10 Labradors. With the exception of food, and vet care... they do tend to be an even wash. However they have a right to make some profit, they provide a product to meet a demand and it a bit of work involved to make that puppy ready for a home.

    I see a lot of dogs that also don't require a lot of red tape in the commercial breeding outfits, and even in pet stores. You buy the pet you get the papers. Depending on the breed and who the breeder is... the same happens in the fancy. But the dog breeds that are not so common don't usually have full rights sold with the dogs. And you rarely if ever see them in pet stores or commercial outfits. Its a control thing and in some respects that can be good as a way of preventing the dogs from becoming another producer in a puppy farm. But it also promotes a limited diversity and eventual depletion of the existing gene pool. Which is why a good and actual thorough screening process should be employed...with plenty of followup. And an actual relationship with each buyer..ongoing.

    Again...if its angry... well I like it. You should see what I used to get as threats and promises. If you think what I have to say is angry... You'd really hate to talk to the people on the other end of what my family used to receive.

  9. Absolutely refreshing. Thank you.

  10. Yield? Margin? Are you talking about puppies or the stock market? Your rants are angry and you bash ALL breeders, especially FCR breeders. Shameful. I bought dogs from two different amazing breeders who I am thankful to call my friends.

    1. Yield =How many puppies any given bitch can have…… Margin = What you have left after you consider, supplies, food, veterinary care. No matter how you look at it that’s what you have to work with. If you find a breeder giving you their papered dogs for free… let me know. Otherwise if you’re paying for it… they do make some profit on it. If that breeder has no other source of income…. Or a very menial job like working at petsmart stocking shelves ( and we know some really high ranking breed club members that do)… its extremely likely they depend on their dogs for a portion their livelihood. Doesn’t mean they are all bad, but they certainly aren’t doing this out of the charitable part of their heart.. They’re asking for a fee. And you’re paying it. If it weren’t all about the money… they certainly would be a bit more extreme in their screening process. But when you get a “send me a deposit and let me know your shipping address” well … really now do we need to go on?

      I’m glad you’re happy with your dogs BTW.

  11. For the record, I get some nasty grams from anonymous posters. I would glady put them up and provide a rebuttal, but they leave no identification of who they are... So they don't get approved.

  12. I was angry at you, and personally have emailed you in the past with some not so kind words. I made a choice which doesn't mean I agree with your decisions or what you write all the time, the only thing I can change is the way I deal with it. Alot of the information that you do put out there on your page is quite interesting.

    Though I do wonder when you write about having bad experiences with some of the breeders of your dogs and not others, I am sure that it is two sided equation, your story and theirs.

  13. Judy, I completely understand your perspective. I can only write about what we've experienced. And again, not all of it has been unpleasant. I can say some very wonderful things about other breeders and dog people we've dealt with. It all boils down to what the person on the other side of the conversation is trying to achieve. I certainly don't go around trying to convince anyone about my family's choices and the ideologies we lean towards are what they should believe in. I'm also open minded enough to listen to what others have to say and look at the data offered, If I find it relevant and worthwhile I look deeper into it. Perhaps I add some of it to the way we do things and make adjustments.

    There is always two sides to the journey of each outcome. It boils down to the journey I actually took on my side of the equation and the way others watching me along that journey translate it for themselves. Often my family is pre-judged before we take that first step. Other times we're dealing with people who are pretty savvy to the situation in world around them and have taken a similar path.

    I remember how you handled things in the beginning when you wrote to us, and there was a lot of assumptions made. My spouse never experienced people who would make so many assumptions about anyone without having ever met or witnessed what we do. And when she replied back and made it clear we weren't twisting anyone's arm and that we certainly didn't fit the ideas running back and forth about us being exploitive and horrible to our dogs. Your open minded and very honest reply with an apology was very nice, and it was around this time when we started getting more apologies and requests to work with us as more people seemed to either find the end to their tolerance with the fancy or the decades of hardline practices without significant results.

    We're not starting a cult here. We're just sharing our experiences. And perhaps shedding some light on things that also frustrate others. And everyday we weigh the good and the bad and try our best to make what we feel are the best decisions and learn from it.

  14. I applaud you for taking a stand against the Dog Mafia! It is a shame how far dog breeders have gone from the original breeds. I totally agree about genetic diversity in all breeds. I own Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and am not part of the "cliches" in the Ridgeback world, I am amazed how United States breeders are verses those outside our country. Most breeders outside the United States with our breed, or more open minded, and willing to learn more! I choice to learn from them over the snobby cliches of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Mafia in the United States.

  15. Another anonymous poster sent the following which I tend to believe comes from the fact that they think this post in response to the horrible treatment my family received from the numerous fantasy.


    from Anonymous,

    "I think a well-reasoned argument for why you're creating a smaller retriever, or evidence for how the genetic makeup of the FCR and Cocker Spaniel will complement each other (rather than compounding the high rates of cancer in both breeds) would go a lot farther toward making you sound like a responsible breeder, than what you have written here."

    from Chatham Hill,

    There's plenty that preaches the virtues of responsibility here on this blog. The argument here only shares the experience offered by the existing dog fancy that we've had the pleasure of dealing with. All of whom I can assure you acted far worse than teenagers. More like thugs and bullies....You don't really expect me to believe you feel that behavior is acceptable???


    From Anonymous,

    " You sound, honestly, like an angry teenager resorting to name-calling instead of presenting sound arguments. "It's my dog, so it's my decision" is the rallying cry of the ignorant backyard breeder...but I expect you will simply delete this rather than explain how you are different from all the other "designer" (aka "mutt") breeders currently stocking the country's shelters."


    From Chatham Hill,

    There are plenty of entries to read here that answer your questions...if you haven't already read them. In the world we live in...These are my dogs. And how I decide to treat them and nurture them and carry their genes forward as opposed to the status quo...says ALOT and the results are simply evidence to further devalue the current way the proclaimed reputable breeders have been doing things...again...their way with their dogs. What makes them different from an exploitative backyard breeder? They simply have AKC papers and fantastic line of bullshit.

    What I have is growing evidence that what we do and how we do it... is better. And for this effort the owners are provided with a healthier companion with a strengthened immune system and fewer cases of birth defects along with a lower mortality rate for puppies. The Old School offers a living example of deleterious genetics with a piece of paper that says that these are inbred and line bred and therefore demand more respect for all the effort that went into doubling up the negatives and perpetuating the downward spiral for these dogs they call pure.

    What has purity provided them? Nothing but a never-ending list of mounting health problems and medical expenses.

    Oh BTW.... the Hybrid is how all pure bred were begotten from. So for you to drop the stupid questions you did... shows how ignorant and foolish you are.

  16. I think the problem is not the rant itself, but where it is placed in your website. I was just looking for information on the breed and dogs you may have available, and was was not expecting a blog post that included crude language. This might not be the best first impression to give folks. Maybe your 'front page' could be a little more informative and a little less confrontational.

    1. A couple of things Teddy,

      1. Check the date on the entry above its from March of 2012
      2. This is a blog where our experiences on this journey are shared
      3. Not everything will be cotton candy and roses as we tell about how we've been treated


      If you feel the language in this entry is harsh then I can assure you it was far milder than the epitaphs and derogatory words thrown at us prior to this entry.

      That was then and this is now....

      We have far more to be happy about. More evidence that what we're doing works. More people aware that what we do works and other breeders who are working with us because they know what we're doing works.

      In actuality many of the breeders that were the cause for this blog entry in the first place...are now our friends. But, at the time it was written it certainly was merited. I'm not sure how you were directed to this blog entry, but its certainly not the opening page. It's almost 3 years old. Still even when it was written...we received more pats on the back for it than the concern you share now. Even today...the entry still holds true for the majority of the FCR mafia that still exists.

    2. I didn't know this was from your blog - and you're right, I didn't notice the date. As a blog post, I'd say it absolutely works. I was googling the breed and the link for this page was maybe the fifth option from the top. (Lord knows if someone googled me they'd probably find some bad poetry I wrote in my 20's, back when I thought I had deep thoughts. ha.)

    3. I think I may have found some bad Teddy poetry. ;-)


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